TV Guide: See the Shows Your Friends Love Through Facebook Connect is using Facebook Connect to allow users to share their favorite television shows and check out what their friends are watching. Perhaps most striking is the ability to log in with a couple clicks and see which shows all of your friends on Facebook like — it’s a quick way for people to get a lot more value out of the site’s TV show listings.

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The Connect application also allows Facebook users to add favorite TV shows to their accounts. Crucially, it automatically pulls in people’s favorite shows from their Facebook profiles. This way, your friends don’t even need to be using TV Guide for you to see what shows they like. Users can keep tabs on their friends’ favorites, as well as the most popular shows among all their friends. There’s also the ability to add those shows to your favorites list and post the addition to your newsfeed.

A sidebar gives you the chance to add TV Guide as one of your favorites with some information on the Fan page’s total number of Fans. There’s also a link to news stories on the TV Guide site that have been linked through the Fan page. TV Guide’s Facebook Fan page currently has close to 11,000 fans, and it will be interesting to see if the cross promotion through Connect brings a lot more.

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