TV Exec: ‘I’m Tired Of Media Reports That Say Television Doesn’t Work As A Business’

TV execs are done with doom and gloom. That’s the message you’d take away from the annual ‘Supersession’ panel hosted by NAB and TVB.
The TV execs (EVP of Cox Television Bruce Baker, chairman-CEO of Bonten Randy Bongarten, CEO of Capitol Broadcasting James Goodmon, CEO of Capitol Broadcasting, and more), when asked what concerned them most about the TV business, didn’t cite rising costs, the lack of car ads, or the competition from the Internet. Baker said that he was most concerned by “the investment community.”

Goodmon said he was “tired of media reports that say television doesn’t work as a business,” while fellow panelist Mort Marcus, co-president of Debmar-Mercury, said “Our competitors’ negativity concerns us.”
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