Turns Out There’s More To Look At In The Subway Than Your IPod


Today’s shaping up to be an underground-themed day, something we’ll contemplate once our weekly self-therapy gets more underway. Props to Kottke (who’s also got a bitching video of a crab getting sucked into a 3mm hole underwater (and, again) but we can’t officially discuss that because it’s not, well, relevant), for pointing us in the direction of this site, a listing of all the NYC subway artwork. We’re rarely on the subway and even more rarely not on the F, so we’ve missed a lot of these but it’s actually a nice rundown of the underground culturescape (148 works listed) that we (and everyone else?) would otherwise ignore.

And one of the artists is Naomi Campbell, in art if not in model-ness. Above, Nancy Holt’s Astral Grating at Broadway Nassau. Conceptual. Hot.