Turning Your Competition into a Frenemy

Interviewing can be so brutal. You get to the late-rounds of a job search, and the company has narrowed down the decision to two or three people, and then chooses someone other than you.

It hurts. It stings. It downright blows. But have you ever thought of networking with the person that got the position? That’s the advice of one self-proclaimed “Gen-Y” commentator and former pr professional.
The blogger writes:

“Because I was nosey, I kept tabs on who got what job. But as time went on, I found myself in a position where I needed that organization’s help with one project or another and ended up building relationships with the people who came in first place.”

This particular blogger did the networking for business related activities. Plus, she’s in PR, so she’s probably friends with everyone, but it reeks a little bit like keeping your enemies close to the fold. Frenemies, anyone?
Of course, considering the small circle of media professionals that exists, one would think that many people have lost out on a job opportunity to someone s/he knows. But seeking out interaction with the person who got the job you wanted must make for tense conversation over drinks.
Photo by: navjagpal