Turner Unloading TheFrisky.com to BuzzMedia

Turner is in the process of selling TheFrisky.com, the relationship- and gossip-centric site aimed at young women, to BuzzMedia.

Terms of the deal, which has yet to be completed, were not disclosed. Executives at Turner and BuzzMedia declined to comment.

BuzzMedia manages a slew of edgy, pop culture-driven sites/blogs, including the celebrity-friendly Just Jared and the male-aimed What Would Tyler Durden Do? (wwtdd.com). The Hollywood, Calif.–based company, which claims to reach 50 million monthly unique users in total, also manages the official Web sites for celebs such as Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie.

Turner launched TheFrisky.com in 2008 as an outlet for smart, irreverent content aimed at 20-something women; its rollout was actually tied to the release of the first Sex and the City movie. Among the stories featured on the home page on Friday (Jan. 28): 10 Crazy Sexual Practices We Were Totally Unaware Of; and Girl Talk: I’m A Feminist, but I Think I Want to Date a More Traditional Dude.
It’s not clear what is motivating Turner to unload TheFrisky. According to Quantcast, the site reached 2.4 million unique visitors in December. However, the site does not seem to carry a large number of ads. It is possible that with Turner’s expanding male footprint on the Web (the company handles digital ad sales for the NBA, the PGA and Sports Illustrated), TheFrisky has been deemed a poor demographic fit.

In the past, high-traffic site CNN.com has used content links from TheFrisky to populate its Hollywood-focused The Marquee Blog.