Turner Prize Plans Relocation to Northern Ireland in 2013

Fresh off last month’s controversial altercation between the Tate Britain and press photographers, it’s been announced that the regularly-maligned Turner Prize has plans to once again hightail it out of London. For the third time in its nearly-three decades, the shortlisted pieces and the one eventual prize winner will be held elsewhere come 2013, when it will all be hosted in the city of Derry, in Northern Ireland. The plan for the move is largely similar when it moved just three years ago and was held in Liverpool: to show more work outside of the UK’s artistic center and to celebrate the country’s newly-annual designation of a “City of Culture” (the thinking probably also factors in that it won’t hurt to throw a bone to the people outside of London after all that attention they’re going to get for the 2012 Olympics). While they still have a little while to decide what will be involved in hosting perhaps the country’s most famous art prize, here’s a bit from the Guardian‘s report on where in Derry it might wind up:

The venue for the 2013 Turner prize exhibition has not yet been decided. However, it is likely to be staged in a new or converted space. Possible sites include the former Ebrington army barracks, which were closed in 2003.

Designated for redevelopment under the auspices of the Northern Ireland Assembly, the barracks, on the banks of the Foyle, are largely 19th-century buildings covering 26 acres.