‘Turner Prize Finalists a Bust’ Say Most Critics


Back in May, we reported on the shortlist finalists for this year’s Turner Prize. Now that the four artists’ work has gone on display at the Tate Modern, the art critics have come out in droves to complain about how terrible it all is. This, of course, leads to some wonderful reading, as these writers are always at their best when they’re ripping and tearing. Andrian Searle isn’t too too negative about the whole thing over at the Guardian, but he isn’t exactly head over heels either. Rachael Campbell-Johnston at the Times thinks the whole Turner Prize has lost all its meaning and edge, resulting in a big, meaningless mess. And saving the best for last, Richard Dorment at the Telegraph just can’t find a single nice thing to say about the finalists’ work, calling it “a certain kind of technically competent, bland, and ultimately empty art made specifically for international biennales.” In short, the whole of these reviews are sort of like driving by a car accident: you don’t want to, and you’ll likely think less of yourself after, but you have to read them all.