Turner Dials in NBA All-Star Game iPhone App

NBA fans will soon be able to stream live footage of this weekend’s All-Star game on their iPhones.

The league’s longtime broadcast partner Turner has launched a new iPhone app which will enable viewers for the first time to access four different live camera angles during NBA All-Star Saturday Night (Feb. 14) and the 2009 NBA All-Star Game (Feb. 15) via their phones. The NBA.com All-Star Live app, which runs iPhone users 99 cents, will not deliver TNT’s telecast of the game but instead will offer footage shot from several unique vantage points which won’t been seen on TV.

That supplemental game footage—dubbed TNT OverTime Extra–will also be available on NBA.com for the second straight year. But this TNT has looked to improved the online viewing experience by partnering with Facebook to integrate the social networking site’s ‘status update’ tool with the video.

That integration will essentially provide groups of friends with the ability to chat while streaming game footage—similarly to CNN.com and Facebook’s collaboration during the presidential inauguration.

Last year, Turner says that the inaugural TNT OverTime Extra platform generated 1.7 million video streams.