Turn Your Old iPhone Into a Security Camera

If you’ve got an old iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch laying around, you can use Presence by Power People to turn it into a surveillance camera. Maybe you want to watch your pet while you are away at work, or you want to make sure that the new nanny you hired is doing a good job watching your child.

The free app taps into your Wi-Fi to create a real-time audio and video streaming feed from the camera on your old device. To make it work, mount the device in a desired location in your house and make sure it is plugged in. Then you can monitor the feed remotely in real time with the app on your current phone.

The app includes motion detection video alerts, and will send you an alert when motion is detected in front of the camera. You can customize the kind of alerts you want to get, so that you aren’t overwhelmed with push notifications.

There is also a two-way conversation mode, so you can talk to your dog or baby.