Turn Photos on Your Phone into Postcards

Sharing photos via social networks, text and email is pretty great, but there is really nothing like getting a print out. With Boastcards, a new iOS app, you can turn photos from your phone into postcards that you can send people in the mail.

To send a “Boastcard,” pick a photo from your phone’s photo library and upload it to the app. Then you can manipulate it with filters and special effects. Then you can add a text layer with your message. When you are done, you can enter the address of the person you’d like to send it to and order the print that will be sent directly to them.

If you’re uninspired by your own photos, you can choose photos from Boastcard’s library of images. Their collection has lots of travel photos of beautiful locations that were taken by the company’s employees at locations around the world. Each postcard is $1.99, which covers the cost of production and the postage. You can get a discount if you send multiple cards.