Turn-Based Strategy Game Zombiees! Invades Facebook

Zombiees! from Team Vienna Games is a turn-based strategy game for Facebook that launched in August. In this colorful, comic book style title, players travel around a college campus overrun with zombies, engaging them in combat, and seeking a cure for their best friend who’s slowly becoming one of the undead.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Zombiees! currently has 20,000 monthly active users and 3,000 daily active users.

After customizing the look of their playable and companion avatars, players are able to travel from location to location on a campus map fighting zombies. Enemies include undead students and faculty who are of increasingly more powerful levels. Some enemies will simply be too strong for players to fight until they level up themselves. Experience points are rewarded after each fight, some of which are against multiple enemies in succession, and at each new level players can assign points to increase their attack power and defense.

When in combat, which is turn-based, players can choose to attack using any of the weapons they currently have equipped. Different weapons, from fists to shards of glass, deal certain amounts of damage if they hit. New weapons can be purchased using supplies earned for engaging in combat. The various zombies all have weaknesses that players can exploit by using specific weapons against them. The game keeps track of these details in a zombie almanac. Attacking uses energy, which recharges over time or can be refilled using items the player can purchase. Health is also restored over time; items can be used to replenish it faster, should players wish to purchase them.

In addition to common social features such as friend invites and sending free gifts, players can speed up the recharging of their energy by adding friends to their team. The game also has a Fight Club mode where players can pit their companion characters against one another to win eyeballs. Eyeballs are then used in the game’s store to purchase companion upgrades.

Zombiees! is monetized through the use of Facebook Credits to buy health and energy refills. Weapons can only be purchased using the game’s soft currency, supplies, and companion items can only be purchased using the eyeballs that players earn in Fight Club combat. Facebook Credits cannot be used to purchase supplies or eyeballs.

Developer Team Vienna Games has announced via the game’s Wall that it is planning an update, set to arrive in the near future, that will increase the amount of energy received from friends, allow unlimited Fight Club fights, and other such changes to existing game mechanics.

You can follow Zombiees!’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.