Butterball #TurkeyTalk: Yes, We Hired Dudes and No, Our Turkeys Aren’t Filled With Butter

It’s raining men at Turkey Talk this year.

In a revealing AP interview, Butterball CEO Rod Brenneman told us several important things that we will now share with you:

  • He eats turkey at least once a day (calm down, dude)
  • He hired some dudes this year to man the line for the first time ever because one in four callers happen to belong to the male gender (we know, right?)
  • “Many people think Butterball turkeys have butter in them, but they don’t” (thanks for clearing that up)
  • They freeze the turkeys throughout the year
  • The company’s name came about “because of their plump size and golden color” (uh…that makes sense)
  • The name has nothing to do with the common slur for larger-than-average individuals (so stop asking)

Here’s the best quote, about the strangest call: “We had a time when the people had left their turkey outside all night. I guess it was really cold and it had snowed. They called and they wanted to know how to locate their turkey in the snow.”

We’ll let that one simmer in its own juices.

(H/T to Consumerist and totally awesome pic via ABC News)

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