Turbo Tax Aggregates Social Recommendations To Promote Their Product

TurboTax, one of the most popular tax preparation software from Intuit Inc., has unveiled Friends Like You, a new software recommendation service that lets users access reviews from their friends or people with similar tax situations.

Friends Like You is powered by Friendlyzer from Bazaarvoice. Friendlyzer is an innovative online recommendation engine that let users see reviews from people who displayed similar buying habits and other such traits. Similarly Friends Like You, lets users see reviews from their friends on Facebook or from people having similar tax situations such as having a baby, moved to a new house, switched to a new job and other such incidents which require you to submit tax statements.

The Friends Like You recommendation engine further divides similar reviews into three major categories. These categories include Family Life – which shows reviews from people having a similar family life as yours, Life Changes – which shows reviews from people having similar ups and downs and twists and turns in life, and Last Year’s Tax methods – which shows reviews from people who had used similar tax methods last year.

“We know the most influential part of decision making comes from people you trust and others like them for product recommendations,” said Seth Greenberg, director of media and digital marketing for TurboTax. “We’re taking personal recommendations a step further by using innovative social tools to make it easy for customers to talk and share. Friends Like You makes it easy for people to sort through millions of reviews to find only those that are personal, relevant to their tax situation and from people they know and trust who also use TurboTax.”

The online application is a step in the direction of making recommendations social i.e. letting people know what their friends have to say about something. This could become an essential component of recommendation engines since trusted reviews play the most significant part in an individual’s decision making.

[Taxes image via Chuckgallagher]