Turbo, Despicable Me’s Minions are among the fastest-growing Facebook pages in the U.S.


Facebook users love getting animated, and it’s showing up in like trends. Three of the fastest-growing Facebook pages in the U.S. deal with popular animated films, as the page for DreamWorks’ Turbo, a fan page for minions (as popularized by Universal’s Despicable Me), as well as the official page for Despicable Me, are growing quickly.

Here’s a look at the top 10 pages, ranked by daily growth in likes from U.S. Facebook fans (according to PageData):

#NameTotal Likes% of LikesDaily Growth 
1    Turbo748,21290+98,959
2    Best Vines3,656,39151+79,060
3    Minions3,360,84278+59,215
4    Candy Crush Saga7,629,41320+30,441
5    Walmart29,546,35494+28,906
6    ForAmerica3,143,01899+26,915
7    Country Music Nation1,545,51798+24,159
8    Breeders28,64241+20,604
9    Silencerco54,95196+19,216
10    Despicable Me7,391,29069+18,495

Here are the top 10 Facebook pages in the U.S. overall:

#NameTotal Likes % of LikesDaily Growth
1    Walmart29,546,35494+28,906
2    Family Guy23,739,02744+801
3    Target20,997,96196+1,373
4    Eminem20,668,02728+6,731
5    Lil Wayne20,578,59144+2,898
6    Amazon.com18,564,50794+13,106
7    Facebook17,514,50619+3,116
8    YouTube17,173,60023+2,033
9    Subway17,041,71572+12,113
10    Samsung Mobile USA16,958,16172+9,028

Image courtesy of Turbo’s Facebook page.