Tupac Lives?

A PBS site hack protests Wikileaks show

According to the PBS website this weekend, Tupac is alive and well and living in New Zealand. Conspiracy theorists hold your outcry, however. The story was an elaborate part of a scheme by hacker LulzSec, who also published internal PBS information, such as logins, user data, and server details.

Following the site’s invasion, LulzSec released a tranche of tweets outlining its cause. According to a statement by the hacking entity, the attack took aim at PBS and Frontline for its “Wikisecrets” show that, according to Wikileaks supporters, portrayed an unfair image of the whistle-blower site.

LulzSec’s Tupac hijinks have been taken down; however, the release of sensitive operating information continues to put PBS in a vulnerable position for future attacks until they can more fully fortify the site.