TuneWiki for iPhone Can Now Share Song Lyrics

People often like to be able to read the lyrics of their favorite songs for a variety of reasons. The developers of the TuneWiki for Android and iPhone apps claims that the word “lyrics” is the third most searched for term on some days.TuneWiki can play songs stored on your device and search for lyrics on TuneWiki’s servers. The accuracy of the lyrics varies. I found a number of word transcription and spelling errors in a brief test. My short test resulted in lyrics being found for about 80% of the English language songs I tried.

Lyrics for non-English languages songs had lower results. However, some were available as in this screenshot. Some lyrics were somewhat odd looking translations of the lyrics to english.

The 3.2.2 update for the TuneWiki for iPhone app brings the ability to share lyrics via Facebook or Twitter. However, I was unable to test this feature. In fact, the app frequently reported network errors when attempting to retrieve lyrics. These errors may be due to some kind of iOS 5 compatibility issue. Manually shutting down the TuneWiki process helped to reduce this error and the crash on launch problems I saw early in my testing.

You can find the free TuneWiki app in the iTunes App Store at:

TuneWiki – Lyrics with Music