Tumblr’s Election 2012 Report: Bloggers Respond to Republican Primaries [Infographic]

The laws of Tumblr are not unlike the laws of physics: for every action, there is an equal and opposition reaction. In the case of the Republican primaries, real debates have sparked facetious posts.  This Election 2012 Report from Tumblr shows the blog community’s reaction to the Republican primaries.  And they are hilarious.

To create the infographic, the insights team at Tumblr pulled some stats on the type and amount of attention each candidate received between August 2011 and January 2012.  The first graph outlines how often the candidates’ names appeared in posts, highlighting the key moments for each. The second graph shows which tags were most frequently associated with the candidates.

Rick Perry topped the charts thanks to the Rick Perry’s Unpopular Opinions blog, which was created in response to one of Perry’s campaign videos.  The posts feature a relaxed Rick Perry spouting pearls of wisdom like “hairspray is great for the environment” and “the television will never surpass the radio.”  Thanks to Tumblr, Perry is now popular for being unpopular – it’s kind of like being famous for being famous.

Newt Gingrich’s “Robot Wife” meme also made the rounds – in August 2011, posts about Gingrich were tagged “Robot Wife” more often than they were tagged “Presidential Candidate.” But the number of posts marked “LOL/Funny” and other nonsense seem to die down as the bloggers analyzed the debates. By January 2012, “Republican,” “Election” and “2012” were more common tags for candidates across the board.