Tumblr Sponsored Posts Are Now Powered by Yahoo Advertising

At this week's CES, Tumblr CEO and Co-Founder announced enhancements to Tumblr Sponsored Posts, enabling brands to target audiences and measure results.

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Before the Yahoo! acquisition, Tumblr Founder and CEO David Karp was quoted saying he and his team were “pretty opposed to advertising.” Karp has since changed his tune, admitting that ads could make Tumblr better and at CES this week, Karp announced that Tumblr sponsored posts will be powered by Yahoo! Advertising.

It seems that advertising did, indeed, make Tumblr better and the Tumblr audience — much like social media audiences in general — seem to have an appetite for more. According to the post on the official Tumblr marketing blog, 60 percent of users who have seen sponsored posts, found the posts engaging and fun. 70 percent of users saw the brand more favorably and 50 users were inspired to research the brand after seeing a sponsored post.

The new Yahoo! powered sponsored posts provide brand with a few new features including:

  • Tailored audiences: which enables brands to segment the audience based on gender and location.
  • Pay for engagement: essentially the Tumblr version of a pay-per-click ad wherein brands pay based on reblogs, likes, follows and clicks on the sponsored post.
  • A/B testing: brands can test multiple styles and then narrow down the campaign based on which creative style performs best.
  • Analytics tools: for tracking demographic data and measuring results.

Based on a study from the Adobe Digital Index, the Tumblr audience is quite posibly the most positive and while referral traffic from the network is currently miniscule, it will be interesting to see how advertisers make use of this emerging platform.

Image credit: Tumblr Year End Review