Tumblr Just Started Rolling Out a Safe Mode

Tumblr also updated its Community Guidelines

Tumblr began rolling out a Safe Mode Tuesday, geared toward users who don’t want to see sensitive content in their dashboards or search results.

All users should have access to Safe Mode “over the next couple of days,” Tumblr said in a blog post, adding that users over 18 can toggle Safe Mode on and off in their settings, while those under 18 are not able to turn it off.

Tumblr offered the following instructions in its blog post:

  • If you’re on the web or an Android device: Go to your account settings and flip the Safe Mode switch.
  • If you’re on iOS: Go to your phone’s Settings app, tap “Tumblr” and you’ll see the Safe Mode settings down at the bottom.

Tumblr added that its Community Guidelines have been updated “with some additional notes about being a good citizen of Tumblr.”