Tumblr, Reddit and LiveJournal on the Rise in Q1 [Infographic]

Bitly analyzed more than 600 million links and eight clicks from Q1 and discovered some interesting trends.

It’s interesting to see which companies are rising, and which as falling as the Q1 reports from companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are released. A new infographic from Bitly looks at growth from some other companies, with some interesting trends.

Bitly tracks more than 600 million links, and eight billion clicks per month and analyzed the Q1 traffic. Overall, smaller networks seem to be on the rise, tablet and mobile use are increasing, and even desktop use is up across most networks.

Tumblr seems to have seen the largest gains, with 128.6 percent growth in traffic year over year. Tumblr also saw the largest growth in desktop traffic, with an increase of 193 percent. It’s interesting that Tumblr has seen such large relative growth, given the complaints from the user base about changes brought by Yahoo. Indeed, it seems Yahoo’s influence has been positive overall.

Reddit also experienced significant growth. Overall the site grew 42.2 percent over Q1 last year, but the real gains were on mobile and tablets. Reddit traffic from mobile also grew 94.4 percent, and 86.8 growth from tablet users.

This growth isn’t surprising given Reddit’s acquisition of Alien Blue, which went from the largest third party app to the official app. However, notorious events like ‘The Fappening’ could also be a contributing source of this growth.

Surprisingly, LiveJournal, a blogging tool that most had probably forgotten about, is also on the rise. Traffic to the site increased 58.1 percent overall and 61.5 percent increase from desktop users. The site announced a major relaunch last year in May, and it seems these efforts have been successful.

For more information on the growth of these services, view the infographic below.

Infographic_BitlyIndex_2015_Q1 FINAL