Tumblr Records 13 Million Unique U.S. Visitors In July

Tumblr, the blog-meets-social-network service, has hit new record in terms of the number of unique users in the U.S. this July. According to comScore, the site recorded 13.4 million unique visitors in July 2011 up from 4.2 million visitors in July 2010, which is an increase of 218%.

Andrew Lipsman from comScore has attributed Tumblr’s growth to the “network effect”. He said:


With social media sites a critical component of success is realizing the benefits of the network effect. The network effect is predicated on the idea that the more users that are part of the system, the more valuable the system becomes to users, which creates a virtuous cycle that pulls more users into the system and gives existing users more incentive to participate. This concept is an important reason why we often see that once social networks achieve critical mass, the network effect takes hold and adoption tends to accelerate.

The network effect seems to be more pronounced over the past few months and the number of visitors has accelerated from April to July. In just three months, the number of visitors have jumped by 5 million recording an increase of 61%.

comScore has also discussed the demographics of  Tumblr’s visitors. Tumblr remains popular among the teen and college aged user segment with 50% of the visitor base under the age of 25. Internet users between 12-17 years are about twice as likely to be the average visitor Tumblr, while 18-24 year olds are nearly 2.5x as likely.

Normally younger users are the early adopters of new technologies, specially related to social media. Lets see when Tumblr starts penetrating beyond its core demographics and consolidate into the internet mainstream.