Tumblr to Add Curalate Visual Analytics to the Platform

Despite Tumblr’s impressive numbers as one of the most trafficked sites on the web, it has remained largely ignored when it comes to brand marketing.

visual analytics

Despite Tumblr’s impressive numbers as one of the most-trafficked sites on the Web, it’s become clear that brands can’t ignore Tumblr anymore. To wit, Tumblr is teaming up with Curalate to add visual analytics to the platform this week. 

Indeed, images are core to the Tumblr experience, said Curalate CEO Apu Gupta. “[A] large percentage of Tumblr posts are images with no text or hashtags, making them previously invisible to brands,” Gupta said in a statement. He added that Curalate’s technology will “make the invisible visible,” and enable brands to understand the platform audience.

Lauren Guerrieri, social media manager for Design Within Reach, said in the announcement that the data from Curalate has validated the assumption that Tumblr is very popular with design fans, and that having analytics data helps the company engage with fans. It also drives DWR’s Tumblr strategy, “ensuring [DWR is] giving [its] consumers the information they want, how they want it.”

With this partnership, Curalate is the only company providing visual analytics across Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and now, Tumblr. This could definitely be a boon for the visual blogging site, which analysts say are reaping the rewards of increased social media spend. And while Tumblr doesn’t necessarily convert at the rate of Facebook or Pinterest, a reshare on the blogging site could be worth up to $1.57 for health, beauty and fashion retail.

*image via Facebook