Does Tumblr Have a Mobile Problem?

Usage of Tumblr skews toward desktop, despite the platform's young audience.


Tumblr usage is almost the most desktop-heaving social platform – second only to LinkedIn, which has a much older user base. According to a new report from BI Intelligence, Tumblr is the youngest and most teen-centric of the social networks.

Despite the rise of mobile usage amongst young people, 54 percent of time spent on Tumblr was from desktop, compared to two percent for Instagram, 14 percent for Twitter and 32 percent for Facebook.

From the report:

The desktop skew at Tumblr poses a long-term threat to the social network’s growth as people, especially teens and young adults, become increasingly mobile-first. Mobile has become one of the primary focuses at the Yahoo-owned social network.

Tumblr’s growth has not kept pace with Instagram, which is now regarded as the most important social platform amongst young people.