Tumblr Introduces Instant Messaging on the Web, Mobile

Tumblr's latest update is now rolling out to users on mobile and the Web.

Tumblr has announced the introduction of an instant messaging feature in its mobile apps and on the Web. While the blogging service already allowed users to send questions to others, this messaging feature introduces traditional conversation threads to users.

Announced on the Tumblr Staff blog, this feature will take ‘a few weeks’ to roll out to all users, which will allow Tumblr to ensure its servers can handle the new activity. Users will know they have access to messaging if they see a smiley balloon on their screen. If a user messages someone who has yet to receive access to messaging, this will cause them to receive the feature as well.

Messaging is now rolling out to Tumblr’s mobile apps on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. This feature is also available for users on the Web.

A study from GlobalWebIndex from May 2015 highlighted the growth Tumblr has experienced in active users, as the service grew its active user base by 94 percent between the period of Q1-Q2 2014 to Q4 2014 to Q1 2015.

Readers: Have you received access to Tumblr’s instant messaging feature?