Tumblr for iPhone Updated for Retina Display & Background Processing

If Twitter’s 140 characters of text is too limiting and conventional blogging platforms seem like too much work to maintain and use, you might want to take a look at Tumblr’s free tumblog service that lets you quickly and easily share your thoughts via text, audio, images, or video from a variety of sources. I use it, for example, to collect video recordings and other content I create on a variety of sources like YouTube and Qik.
Tumblr just updated their free iPhone app to take advantage of the iPhone 4’s high resolution Retina Display as well as providing the ability to complete tumblog posts in the background on phones running iOS 4.
Tumblr 1.2.1
You can find my Tumblr hosted tumblog at: http://toddogasawara.tumblr.com/
And, here’s a tip for those of you new to Tumblr: If you add “/archive” to a tumblog address, you will see the tumblog in a thumbnail grid view.