Tumblr Creative Director Rolls Out as New Ad Units Roll In

Jacob Bijani walks after Yahoo buyout

While details are sparse, Tumblr creative director Jacob Bijani posted on the social site today that he's leaving the company. The move comes less than two weeks after Yahoo purchased Tumblr for $1.1 billion, and, interestingly, the day after it was revealed that the platform plans to debut new ads (sponsored posts) next month.

"There's still a lot more I want to accomplish, and I'm really excited about this next chapter," Bijani wrote. "For now, I'm going to take some time off to digest the last few years. I have about a dozen different projects planned, so expect more from me soon!"

The development seems to open up speculation about whether other members of Tumblr's 180-person team may also flee for new adventures. Continuity could be key during the transition over to Yahoo's parental control, so CEO Marissa Mayer probably would prefer that Tumblrs stay put for awhile—not to mention come into the office.

Bijani's full post can be read here

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