Tumblr Blog: ‘I Don’t Want Your F**cking App’

Anyone who surfs the web on their phone has had this happen. You click on a mobile website only to get stopped by a screen that encourages you to download an app for the company whose site your are trying to access. It can be frustrating if you don’t want the app, you just want to access the page.

Mobile developer Terence Eden has taken to Tumblr to express his frustration with this process. He has created a blog called “I Don’t Want Your F**cking App” where he highlights instances of when he is just trying to access the site and instead got a dashboard for an app download.

He’s gotten invites from many well-known Internet sites including Flickr, Rotten Tomatoes, and Google+. He even points out what happens when you try to follow his own Tumblr page from a mobile phone. He writes: “What happens when you try to ‘follow’ this very page on the Tumblr website,” next to the image pictured right. (Via TheNextWeb).