Tuesday Mobile Round-Up: Fiksu Steps In, 183B App Downloads in 2015

The Woes of Trying to Market a Game as an Indie Developer: Stoic Jester Studios recounts all of the ways that didn’t work when marketing their game Bullseye Factory. Methods tried included speaking at developer events, writing media properties and posting on message boards.

Fiksu Steps Tries to Step In Where Incentivized Installs Left Off: The East Coast company acquires users across many channels like ad networks so that developers don’t have to think about it. The company says it’s done about 55 million downloads on behalf of its clients.

Google Labs Shows Off a Flash-to-HTML5 Converter Called Swiffy: It only works with Flash 8, which is six years old, but it’s a start!

Rigor Launches Performance Testing, Diagnostics for Mobile Apps: This is a pretty obvious idea that someone was going to do eventually. Enter Rigor, a company that offers tools like performance testing, automated monitoring, and diagnostic features for $250 a month. That covers 10 checks per minute, 200 SMS messages a month, 30-day archiving, 5,000 API requests a month, free training, and unlimited users.

IDC Predicts 183 Billion App Downloads in 2015: That’s up from 10.7 billion downloads last year. IDC also makes the somewhat obvious conclusion that developers will shift away from the paid app model of monetization to in-app purchases.