Tucson Citizen: Dead or Online?

AZcit.jpgThe Tucson Citizen is reporting that its last printed issue will be tomorrow (Saturday).

From The Citizen:

The Citizen will continue operating its Web site, www.tucsoncitizen.com.


“I will be sorry to see the Citizen go,” said interim Editor Jennifer Boice. “It has meant so much to the community over the years, as many of our loyal readers have told us during the past three months.

“A newspaper doesn’t close, it dies and the death leaves a hole in the community. I want thank our readers and employees.”


By closing its doors permanently Saturday, the Citizen ends its 138-year run as Arizona’s oldest, continually published newspaper.

We’re confused. Gone or just online? The Raiders exist – they’re just in Oakland.

We found this in the comment section:

Best to everyone. It’s been a (mostly) fun ride.

Randy Harris
Tucson Citizen art Department

PS. A clarification: the Citizen, as such, will continue online in name only. There will be no reporting, only a forum for opinion.

Hm. So it’s turning into a blog…

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