Tucker & Ezra: The End?

Just three weeks ago, we reported that WaPo blogger and Journolist founder Ezra Klein was spotted dining with The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson.
It was an unlikely pairing at best considering The Daily Caller had just one week earlier published supposedly secret e-mails from Klein’s Journolist. The pair dined at a quaint Italian eatery in downtown Washington and made it through the meal without decking each other.
But their friendship may have reached a serious bump in the road (try a boulder). In this “one more post” that Klein published on Carlson late Thursday, he reveals what were understood to be private e-mails from Carlson as he shredded the publication’s Journolist series. As Klein told The Hill‘s (and former Daily Caller reporter) Gautham Nagesh earlier this week, “None of us has any privacy at this point.” This was after Klein, without warning, outed Nagesh on Wednesday morning as a Journolister. Nagesh was a reporter at The Daily Caller until April.
Carlson told FishbowlDC: “I’m not embarrassed by my e-mails to Ezra. But then I’m not the one who pretended to be a journalist while doing the bidding of politicians.”
After his post, Klein continued the tongue lashing at Carlson over Twitter: “Tucker Carlson definitely sounds different when he e-mails me than when he goes on Fox News,” he wrote Thursday.
> Update: Funniest reaction tweet so far comes from freelance video producer and former TWT gossip scribe Liz Glover, who wrote, “Maybe Ezra and Tucker should just Jello-wrestle.”