Tucker Designer and Author Philip S. Egan Passes Away

During the long weekend, it would be very thoughtful of you to rent the great Francis Ford Coppola film Tucker: The Man and His Dream in honor of Philip S. Egan who passed away late last week. Egan was one of the designers of the short-lived, yet famous Tucker car, who went on to not only write a book about his experiences working with Preston Tucker, but had an incredible career as a jack-of-all trades designer with companies like Sears & Roebuck and Lucasfilm (where he helped with designing both sound and editing equipment). Here’s a bit from his obituary:

Mr. Egan designed the driver control area and other details of the car, a four-door, six-passenger sedan with a water-cooled six-cylinder rear engine. Only 48 vehicles were produced.

“I always thought of my father as a Renaissance man, with so many diverse talents,” said his daughter, Frances Anamosa of Napa. “He had a wealth of knowledge – ask him anything and he knew the answer.”