Tucker Carlson Tools Around Town on a Vespa

A Vespa doesn’t exactly scream tough guy manliness quite like a Harley or a Monster Truck, but The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson (a.k.a. Tucker Giuseppi Carlson in certain circles) appears to be comfortable in his masculinity. So much so, that these days he has been spotted repeatedly riding around Washington on his wife’s muted fruit colored Vespa. Carlson simply refers to it as “brown.”

We’ve gotten so many tipoffs on this that it’s bordering on ridiculous. Every time Carlson takes to the Vespa, our inbox and phone lines get clogged. On Saturday two screaming, laughing women from the Haddad/Rosen garden brunch in Georgetown phone me seconds after the conclusion of the party as Carlson had apparently caused a stir by zipping away from the residence on the Vespa.

“Somebody tattled on my scooter again?” he replied when informed of all the tipsters that have called us. “My god. It is shameful, I’ll admit. On the other hand, I beat a traffic jam by riding a full mile on the sidewalk this morning. Try that in a Prius.”

A few tips we received:

  • “He was spotted (and i am NOT making this up) the other day riding a VESPA!!!! With a helmet on!!!! On Capitol Hill!!! Like a girl!!!! Like the French Eurotrash wanna-be that he is at heart, apparently!” The tipster added, “The wrath of a manly God should be visited upon him and all his offspring! Once you put your loins on a Vespa, you ain’t ridin’ with the Hell’s Angels ever again.”
  • @TuckerCarlson does Fox hit, then rides across town on his Harley. Well, maybe it wasn’t a Harley, but it was cooler than riding Metro.

Carlson, who appears to have no real shame about his Vespa riding, has previously ridden Harley motorcycles in his life. So why the turn toward a decidedly more feminine mode of transport? He explains how easy it now is to get anywhere in Washington (this is especially true when you occasionally opt to drive on the sidewalk). Instead of taking 40 minutes to get to Fox News studios on Capitol Hill from his office at Farragut North, it now takes him a mere 20.

We hear he has been dangerously skipping the helmet as of late, so we’d like to give him this vintage ivory brown leather Demi-jet for use as well as the fashion man bag.