The War Continues…

The friction between Mediaite‘s White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher and The Daily Caller continued to smolder yesterday as Christopher took to his site to get in a late afternoon dig at the publication’s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson, calling it a “no-name” site. This came on the heels of The Daily Caller’s TV writer Jeff Poor dinging Christopher over the weekend for a recent story on presumed Presidential nominee Mitt Romney using what he perceived to be a racist sign against President Obama.

The feud has been brewing for sometime. On April 1 Christopher wrote a story highlighting that The Daily Caller, among other conservative publications, had “turned against Trayvon Martin.”

Late last night at approximately 2 a.m. Christopher took to Twitter to give Daily Caller reporter Alex Pappas, who once left the publication for the Washington Examiner only to return less than five months later, a piece of advice. Christopher wrote, “Your name rings a bell, I get the sense you might be a good guy. Quit that rag if you are.” Before that the exchange grew ugly after Pappas challenged Christopher’s story attacking Carlson and The Daily Caller. Christopher’s former editor Colby Hall, now at ClearChannel, jumped into the fray in his former reporter’s defense. Christopher wrote to Pappas, “Thanks for confirming your site is a race-baiting sewer. Gnite” Pappas also bid his foe a good night, saying, “Anyway, I’m not your editor. Gnite.” Christopher linked to yesterday’s FBDC story about the dust-up saying, “Bunny-boiler Jeff Poor goes after my family, after his boss Tucker Carlson begged me to let up on his psycho ‘reporter.'”

Christopher charged Monday that Poor was retweeting things that could endanger his brother and his children. Poor’s retweets concerned Christopher’s possible real name, his brother, Jesse McNulty, being a “colorful” character in Georgia and an assertion that Christopher bears a similar nose to that of NYT Exec. Dir. of Marketing Diane McNulty. Christopher also declared that whatever truce existed between he and Carlson a month earlier about The Daily Caller disclosing his real name is off.

The headline of Christopher’s column late Thursday afternoon: “Goldie Taylor Rips Tucker Carlson For Bathing In ‘Filth And Bigotry Of Fringe Right-Wing Propaganda’”

And the lede:

“During an appearance on Don Lemon‘s CNN Newsroom Sunday night, cable news commentator and social critic Goldie Taylor blasted The Daily Caller for digging up the nugget that President Obama ate dog meat as a 6 year-old, and putting it on their ‘no-name’ website.”

Update: Christopher’s story blasting The Daily Caller‘s Trayvon Martin coverage published on April 1, not yesterday afternoon as was previously reported. The above has been changed to reflect it.

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