TubeHero gains multiplayer mode

Six months after it launched on Facebook, social music game TubeHero is debuting its multiplayer feature on the social network.

TubeHero is a music game based on the successful Guitar Hero franchise. Players search for a YouTube video of a song, and the game analyzes and generates a music pattern for it. Players then match the game’s on-screen notes with the keyboard while the music video plays above the notes. The new game mode is called “TubeHero Battles” and will only be available through a private invite. The mechanic allows up to four players per song to compete with each other, each trying to land the highest score.

Developer JamRT has provided access to the multiplayer mechanic for 500 Inside Social Games readers. Anyone interested in checking out the mode should click here.

Since it officially launched in late November 2011, TubeHero has been holding steady after an initial traffic surge. The game peaked in February with 1.3 million MAU and 110,000 DAU; now it’s hovering around 1.2 million MAU and 80,000 DAU. Music titles aren’t terribly prevalent on Facebook right now, so TubeHero’s numbers may be staying up simply because there’s a lack of competition for the game while developer JamRT continues to add new features into the game.

JamRT tells us that, aside from multiplayer, TubeHero has one milestone coming up: an Android version. This will compliment the iOS version that’s already available for free on the App Store. No specific release date for the Android version was given, but JamRT says it’ll arrive sometime in the near future.