Tube Alert YouTube App Updated to Increase Channel Discoverability

The Tube Alert app offers a YouTube-viewing platform for fans, as well as the ability for content creators to promote their channel to new viewers.

Daniel Matias, a popular YouTube user known as MinecraftFinest, has used his earnings from the video sharing platform to create his own company and mobile app, Tube Alert, with the goal of providing features for other content creators and video viewers that may not be provided by YouTube’s own platform.

The Tube Alert app allows users to connect to their YouTube account and receive notifications when their subscribed channels have uploaded new videos. These notifications can be customized, as users can turn notifications on or off for each individual channel. Users can browse and view videos within the app, with a button allowing users to instantly rewind a video by 10 seconds if they’ve missed something.

Tube Alert also provides a playlist view for viewing one’s own playlists, as well as access to YouTube’s trending videos in a ‘What’s Hot’ section. In addition, a leaderboard highlights the top 25 channels on the app.

Tube Alert is gamified via the integration of SessionM’s mPoints loyalty program, which rewards users with points for completing tasks within the app. These actions include watching specific percentages of videos, subscribing to channels, sharing videos and more. As users earn points, they can be redeemed for digital or real-world prizes, sweepstakes entries or charity donations.

Tube Alert 1

For content creators, a recently introduced ‘Discover’ feature aims to increase the visibility of channels by highlighting them as suggestions for users to follow. As of this writing, inclusion in this featured portion of the app is free for the first 30 days, with inclusion available for $9.95 per month after the trial (three and six-month campaigns are also available).

When browsing the Discover section, viewers have access to stats for each channel, like total video views and current subscribers. Users can also view some of the channel’s most recent videos. For YouTubers, real-time analytics track the performance of their channel during the campaign.

The Tube Alert app has proven popular with users and content creators, with many YouTubers encouraging their fans to try the app themselves. Popular YouTube uploader JeromeASF (also part of the Tube Alert team), currently has 3.76 million subscribers, with over 202,000 of those subscribers reportedly coming from the Tube Alert app over the last three months. He has also received over 300,000 views in the past 30 days which can be attributed to the app.

Matias told us:

Tube Alert is all about focussing on YouTube’s content creators and their fans. We strive to achieve on creating a great product that makes the YouTube experience a lot more fun and rewarding. We aim to also make it easier for fans to be kept up to date with their favorite YouTubers.

Lots of people have been enjoying playing around with the Discover feature. We have gotten positive feedback from content creators as they have seen some results. We will be improving this feature as we see it is really making an impact on some channels and shows great potential.

Tube Alert is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.