“Tsunami? Do they still serve that yummy yellowtail there?”

wave.gifNow that recently unlucky CNN and the other Tsunami-vultures have gone home long ago, Fishbowl had a hard time this morning trying to find any traces of the half-mast-wielding, We-Are-The-World sorrow that seemed to grip NY media about a month ago before vanishing into thin air. A quick Google news search reveals that the first US media story listed is about how travel agents in hard-hit areas want more coin to lure Speedoed tourists back to the beach and the sex clubs.

Fishbowl always had the sense that the Tsunami story was a passing fad to most Gotham outlets. Except, guys, the death toll just climbed past 287,000. Or do you think “Tsunami” is a Thai acronym for “Anderson Cooper cried on our air, what more do you people want?” Only the New Yorker recently did an exhaustive story about U.S. Marines helping destroyed areas in Indonesia. But, hey, that mag is for intellectuals, right? Real news media (MSM, natch) has already moved on.