Tsavo Reveals the Tip of the Iceberg in Semantic Search

Early today I spoke with Mike Jones, CEO and Founder of Tsavo, about the new products they’re rolling out. Ultimately, the first products that Tsavo is rolling out are a publishing network and what I would call a semantic personal content aggregator. If you want to demo the service, you can head over to Daymix.com, where there is essentially a search engine for you to find content related to just about anything.

On Daymix, if you type in a zipcode, it will return location related information like events and weather, whereas if you search for a name it will attempt to return a bio, related photos, and more. It’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to semantic search but Mike Jones explained to me how they are collecting a ton of data to hopefully determine what’s most relevant to each user.

During our conversation I realized that Facebook’s social graph data would be excellent for optimizing the people related search results. The problem right now is if you search for the name “Nick O’Neill”, you end up getting a ton of results, some of which are me and then results for other people with the same name. If I were to perform the search, the search engine should know that I only want photos of myself.

So how does Facebook help solve this problem? On the surface it doesn’t but as I’ll explain in an upcoming article on AllFacebook, an identifying microformat which references a user’s Facebook identity would improve the search results by an order of magnitude (at a minimum). While Tsavo is only months into their quest to more effectively find the content we are looking for, this is clearly a step in the right direction.

While the company doesn’t say that they are a “sematic search company”, my impression is that this is something the company is working toward. Yesterday Techcrunch classified the company as a “new media network”. I’m not so sure that’s how I’d describe them. Daymix.com clearly demonstrates the beginning of what’s trying to be accomplished. A sample widget from Tsavo has been embedded below to display what relevant results for the search “Facebook” returns.