Trying to Save The Unsafe: The Brooklyn Angel Building


Sad news in the “strange buildings of Brooklyn” department today. The very odd Broken Angel building, which has been pieced together over the past 27 years by “self-taught architect and artist” Arthur Wood, caught fire last week and has now been condemned by the city to be unsafe and needs to be torn down. Wood, and his son, Christopher, are trying desperately to keep the place away from the wrecking ball, but it’s not looking too good because, in the end, the place is, and has always been, something of a mess. Here’s some from the NY Times:

But the structure has a long way to go before it can be deemed safe, the Buildings Department determined. In conducting last week’s inspection, Bryan Winter, the department’ deputy borough commissioner, found a “50-foot vertical extension” and a “15-foot vertical extension” at the top of the building, Ms. Givner said. “That means no permits, that means no plans; that is illegal,” Ms. Givner said.

The building has no interior staircase; “there are wood planks that are not even attached,” Ms. Givner said. Basic weight-bearing structures are missing. “A lot of the building is open to the elements,” she said. “The walls are not complete, the floors are not there. Beams are charred from previous fires.”