Trying To Give the People What They Want (Free Press Welcome!)


Another big design-based story gracing the internet these past few moments, at least until something involving Paris Hilton is uncovered and deemed exciting, comes from Russia, by way of the firm, Park. The design shop, like nearly everyone we’ve heard from or read angry columns by, wasn’t very thrilled with the unveiling of the new World Cup 2010 logo. But, unlike the rest of us, they decided to do something about it, as fruitless as it may be: they created their own identity package, complete with a full campaign showing the design at work with products, advertising, and inside the game. It’s a great idea from getting a whole slew of free press, as we’re sure that their agency’s site hasn’t gotten this many hits in its existence (and see, we’re contributing to that increase!), but it would be fantastic to see this thing grow some legs, last the next four years, and become something of a message to the grand council of Fifa atop their mighty fortress of black and white steel. That’s asking quite a bit though, as memories tend to be short on this internet of ours. And is it really that great of an identity, or are people just thrilled that they came back with a retort so quickly?