Trusper tip-sharing social network updated with “Music, Movies, Books” tips [Interview]

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Tip-sharing social network Trusper has begun experimenting with paid, brand-related tips on its service, as users are now able to purchase content within the app. The platform’s new “Music, Movies, Books” category allows users to share tips about their favorite songs or bands, movies and more, complete with links to sample or download these items on iTunes, Amazon or YouTube, without leaving the app.

Trusper has been downloaded over 15 million times on iOS and Google Play. Its users have access to tips on a variety of categories, including health and fitness, beauty, home and garden, family, games, entertainment, cars and more. Outside of general tips, playlists allow users to create lists of content, like the “Best Songs of the Summer,” or “Best Books for a Rainy Day,” as examples.

Users can comment on and give a “thumbs up” to content they like, and can save tips or playlists to their personal area within Trusper or to Evernote. Content can also be shared to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as through email or text.

“When we look for new music, movies or books, we trust our peers and the social media tastemakers to filter out the good from the bad and help us discover that diamond in the rough,” said Jack Jia, Founder and CEO of Trusper. “The beauty of Trusper’s new Music, Movies, Books tips category is that people can repeat what they do in real-life: take out an iPhone, play their favorite tune for their friends and show their friends how they can get the song for themselves, all in a few seconds.”

We had a chance to chat with Jia about the new category, and where Trusper will go from here.

Inside Mobile Apps: What has the initial response been for the new Music, Movies and Books category in Trusper?

Jack Jia: Super impressive. Thousands of MMB tips have been created and enjoyed by the community. The conversion rate to downloads is incredibly high.

IMA: Since tips are user-generated, does Trusper offer any sort of quality assurance for the tips provided in its app? That is, while “tips” implies “opinions,” are there checks in place for dangerous or inappropriate (etc.) content?

JJ: Yes. Users create the tips and curate the tips. The quality is decided by the users’ explicit and implicit engagement. Good tips will continue to be served while poor ones are buried. Users also flag the inappropriate tips. We also have community managers and algorithms detecting and managing poor tips and bad users.

IMA: Have you noticed users flocking to one particular “tip” category more than others?

JJ: Users pay more attention to tips in the category they like the most. Beauty, Fitness, Cooking, DIY, Relationship are all big topics for tips.

IMA: What categories can we expect to see added to the app going forward?

JJ: Anything users care and want more tips in. We’ll have a couple of new categories to promote in the summer and fall.