Trump’s Dickery Forces Lindsey Graham to Get New Phone

iPhone or Android?

Earlier today, GOP presidential candidate and adult male with the maturity level of a 4th grader, Donald Trumpgave out the cell phone number of one Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

The move seems to be a calculated response temper tantrum to Graham calling him a “jackass” on CNN over his now-infamous comments about John McCain. The real estate mogul had obtained Graham’s private phone number years ago when, according to Trump, he promised the Senator he would put in a “good word” for him with the “Fox & Friends” crew.

In front of a crowd of supporters on Tuesday, Trump read the number aloud and told them to “try it”  — proving he’s definitely not a “jackass.” As a result of Trump’s ceaseless douchebagery, Graham will most likely have to get a new phone.

Personally? I prefer the iPhone, but to each his own.