Tina Brown, Trump wedding reporter

There are three reason why Donald Trump is successful:

1. Donald Trump gets good press.
2. Donald Trump gets good press.
3. Donald Trump gets good press.

Tina Brown, who you’d normally expect to make some cursory effort at skepticism adds to Trump’s success in today’s Washington Post column, approvingly headlined, “Donald Trump, Settling Down:”

But you couldn’t fault (and, believe me, some of the guests tried) the simple freshness of the pews festooned with white flower garlands, the simplicity of the service, the ethereal solo of Camellia Johnson and the demure charm of Ms. Knauss advancing down the aisle, in her gravity-defying upswirled veil, toward the world-famous comb-over awaiting her at the altar.

Also making an appearance in Tina’s column: Conrad Black:

Lord Conrad Black and his wife, Barbara Amiel, were there out of a combination of gratitude and defiance: Trump has bestowed his new noblesse oblige on Black since the latter’s fall from grace for allegedly swindling the shareholders of Hollander International. “Don’t write me off,” Lord Black said darkly to me at dinner. “I am about to become a corporate governance counterterrorist.”

If Enron and Tyco have taught us anything, it’s that corporate governance is an oxymoron, and that corporate malfeasance will never be prevented by an assortment of 10-15 people who probably have high-powered C-level day jobs and show up once a month (max) for an expensive dinner and a few hours of discussion. So if Black’s out to terrorize the pretension of corporate governance, we’re all for it. But we’re not sure that’s what he means.