TRUMPED: Why Many Christians Just Decided Not to Vote for Donald

Donald inadvertently revealed just how well he knows the Bible. Not very well, apparently.

One of the cardinal rules in speechwriting is “Know your audience.”

Donald Trump obviously does not know his. This was evident this past weekend at conservative college Liberty University.

Evangelical voters. A college named Liberty. And Bible references. What could go wrong?

“I hear this is a major theme here, but Two Corinthians, right, Two Corinthians 3:17, that’s the whole ball game,” Trump said. “Where the spirit of the Lord, right, where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. And here there is liberty too, but Liberty University. It is so true.”

That’s TWO Corinthians… not SECOND Corinthians. Yeah, now you see the problem.

Someone cracked open a concordance online looking for scriptures that include the word “Liberty.” Surely, this can’t be that easy? The Lord and Liberty? In the same sentence?!

Donald inadvertently revealed just how well he knows the Bible. Not very well, apparently.

Welcome to the world of executive speech writing.