TRUMPED: Supporters Didn’t Think This Black Life Mattered Much

BTW, Trump Fans: Shoot your videos in landscape, m'kay? Thanks.

GOP frontrunner and perpetual comb-over of salad sprouts Donald Trump made a campaign stop in Birmingham, Ala., over the weekend. This event didn’t quite go according to schedule.

CNN reports there was a protester shouting “black lives matter” and wearing a shirt with the same sentiment. Apparently six Trump supporters attacked him, with at least one man punching him, and a woman kicking him while he was lying on the ground.

No, they weren’t security, just staunch Trumpeteers (Come on, surely someone out there is branding what to call these people, right).

Birmingham Police Lt. Sean Edwards told CNN that three people were asked to leave the event following the scuffle. No arrests were made, and the protester did not require medical attention.

Campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks told CNN that “the campaign does not condone this behavior.”

Meanwhile the Washington Post shares Trump was overheard shouting something very non-condoning with “Get him the hell out of here, will you please?”

There are a few vantage points, but the one of note is the view that America will have if Trump is elected. This could be the future.

[FEATURED PHOTO: AP Photo/Eric Schultz]