TRUMPED: Is Actually Someone Else’s Website

Try entering for a giggle too.

Anyone remember when George W. Bush‘s brother decided to announce his bid for the White House? He did his best to distance himself from the famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) surname by running with “Jeb!”

That’s it — no middle initial, no last name, no connection. Only an exclamation point. In fact, “Jeb!” was so committed to that stance that his website was known as See the picture?

About that… dude must have been on a budget because evidently no one told Jeb that purchasing his own name was not only for vanity, but positioning.

Click on a new browser window and type in “” and watch what happens. It’s okay. We’ll wait…

trump website

Yeah, it is home to instead. Whoops. Anyone know about this at Jeb! HQ?

When asked about the redirect, a spokeswoman for Bush’s campaign brushed it off. “We are focused on promoting our campaign’s website,,” she told POLITICO in an email.

A forced talking point? Shilling for the campaign website? That’s the best you got? Talk about a #PRFail… which former Jeb Bush employee let that happen?

It’s not like Jeb woke up one day in Florida and thought, “You know, I’m a little popular. Maybe I should get a website, but not my name. I’m sure that’s taken.”

A Whois search of shows the domain is currently registered to PTY LTD., a site that boasts tools for “sales and monetization” of domains. The domain was created on Nov. 19, 1997, and was most recently updated on Oct. 20, 2015. It expires in 2024.

TRANSLATION: Someone who was much smarter than anyone in the Jeb! campaign thought that this Bush fellow may be something someday. So, he or she squatted on his name in 1997.

Oh well, when Jeb was Florida’s governor — yeah, about that. Jeb didn’t run for governor until 1998. Any other questions about the GOP race?

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