TRUMPED: In Wake of Lewandowski’s Charges, Trump Not Backing Down

Someone take away his phone. Please?

[PHOTO: Getty Images]

[PHOTO: Getty Images]
[PHOTO: Getty Images]
It’s been a full week for GOP front-runner and cantaloupe pudding pop wrapped in wrinkled cash Donald Trump.

Poor guy just saw his main man and campaign manager Corey Lewandowski charged with simple misdemeanor battery against former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields.

Before the good stuff, Trump knew he was going to grilled about this brouhaha about “unwanted touching and grasping” during the GOP town hall meeting last night on CNN.

It would have been “so easy to terminate” campaign manager Corey Lewandowski,” said Trump. “I have fired many people, especially on The Apprentice.

But Lewandowski was defending him from former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, who “was grabbing me – twice,” Trump said, explaining “I’m a loyal person. I’m going to be loyal to the country, to Wisconsin.”

Be it loyalty for his guy, blind faith that the charges were unfounded, or his narcissism, Donald Trump later took to Twitter with a vengeance…as did a couple of others.

America, meet your candidate.

Imagine the trade secrets he will divulge via social media if he’s elected president?!

Somewhere Kim Jong-Un is praying for a win.