TRUMPED: Campaign Photoshopped White Model to Appear Black

Ironically, this model got a little more than a Trump spray tan.

Despite Donald Trump telling everyone that black voters love him, recent statistics show African Americans like him about as much as they like living in bitter cold climates.

In fact, six recent polls, all taken last month, show his support ranges in the black community from 4 to 12 percent, not the north-of-25-percent as he extols.

And that’s why Trump and his army of marketers are trying to convert those highly coveted African-American females in this election cycle. However, the picture here in the Trump online catalog didn’t quite scream “Hey black woman! Buy me!”

That’s when many believe this happened:

As Digital Director for hopeful State Sen. Donna Edwards, Eric Ming, shared with the world, someone in the Trump campaign staff got a little happy with a box of crayons.

Turns out the lady modeling the Trump shirt got the opposite of Michael Jackson’s pigmentation issues and got darker with age. According to Fusion, these two shots were spotted one month apart.

Aside from timing, these models have many things in common, such as: similar collar bones, identical hair and both photos show the jeans are the exact same shade of light blue.

C’mon Trump creative team. Seriously!?