TRUMPED: Guess Who Won the Hispanic Vote in New York?

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We already knew that GOP front-runner and sunburnt earwax from The Hobbit Donald Trump would take New York in a landslide, but he did something that arguably people in his own camp were surprised by:

Trump won 61.1 percent of the Hispanic vote.

Just let that sink in for a moment. From the Miss Universe racial slur to the border dodging chats to [insert your favorite Trumpy bigoted story here], Donald J. Trump was the champion of the Hispanic vote in New York State.


It begs the question: If Donald is one of the most “unfavorable” people ever to run for president, with up to 80 percent of Hispanic voters having a negative view of him, how is this even possible?

“It’s an unexpected victory to many political pundits and establishment Republicans who were sure Mr. Trump would [repel] the Hispanic vote through his bombastic statements and immigration plan,” the Washington Times’ Kelly Riddell reports.

The Times was the first to report this wormhole in the political universe. The same quandary happened in Nevada, causing many to question the polls — much like we already have from a PR point of view. What’s your take? How do you see this happening and does it affect PR?

Must be those values. Ain’t that right, Ted?