Mystery Climber Scales New York’s Trump Tower

Midtown's version of a Summer Olympics spectator sport.

WABC-TV digital journalist Mike Waterhouse shared this great close-up shot on Twitter of the young man who quickly trended upwards with his in-progress climb up the Fifth Avenue facade of Trump Tower.


Evidently, this individual came prepared. And despite early attempts by the police and someone at an opened window to coax the climber inside, the evening rush hour stunt at press time continues.

On the Periscope side, the best stream we found was the one being shared from a window across the street by Gerald Iorio and friends. The issue of food may determine how long he is able to broadcast. (Fortunately for Iorio and his co-workers, the climber was finally intercepted and apprehended at 6:35 p.m.)

Update (7:45 p.m.):
The climber has been identified as Stephen Rogata, who posted a brief Facebook Video message prior to this afternoon’s event.

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