Trump: ‘If you don’t win, people aren’t going to follow you.’

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 13.08.01Members of the National Press Club today were invited to a luncheon conversation led by chairman and president of the Trump Organization Donald Trump on building his brand.

In response to advice at the time to break the deal for the yet-to-be-aired “Apprentice,” Trump explained that, “It’s all about, winning…Leadership and branding and all of that kind of success to a large extent it’s about winning. If you don’t win, people aren’t going to follow you.”

Trump went on to explain his thoughts on social media and media relations. “You look at branding, and you look at what’s happening – and I told you the story about Trump: The Art of the Deal. I told you the story about “The Apprentice.” And I will tell you today, you have Twitter, you have Facebook, and you have Instagram…I have millions of followers. Millions! I don’t do press releases anymore. If I want a press release, I just put it on Twitter. And I’ve got  a press release. It’s so great. It’s like owning the New York Times without the losses, if you think about it.”